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Most importantly, precise attention is needed in energy
By learning today to better manage electricity produced;
means ensuring the future development of renewable
energies in the world.


Valorisation des centrales

VSB will assist each client through the execution process required for the sale of electricity on the market (REMIT reporting, management and valuation of capacity certificates, management and optimization of the sale of electricity) within the framework of the “end of purchase obligation” for plants beyond 15 years and for new plants under additional remuneration.

VSB collaborates with their clients to discuss with serenity the subject of "Repowering" of their wind power sites. Our years of expertise across the entire value chain, our process is first to analyze the sites to define the best option to sustain and optimize the site’s energy production. Once this audit is completed, VSB will implement a solution by supporting the development and construction operations.

The technical issues of integration of renewable energies into the electricity network (intermittent, non-controllability, production/consumption balance), territorial issues (local production and consumption) and economic issues has led us to create and implement new technical and economic models.

Our teams can advise companies in the sizing and implementation of their own renewable energy consumption projects and electricity storage projects.