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Our reputation is viewed with excellence
in the renewable energy sector,
VSB is a reliable and efficient partner.

Wind energy

Développement de projet

We bring together all the expertise necessary for the development of renewable energy production plants integrated into their environment - from prospecting to commissioning.

Thanks to our sense of responsibility and our flexibility, our teams are committed and attentive to accompanying local authorities and residents towards the production of green energy on their territory.

Respect for the environment and its people are at the heart of our ethos. Our organization, our savoir-faire and all our actions are reflect in this commitment.

40 wind builiding permit obtained
+ 300 wind turbines installed
60 projects under development
25 wind measurement masts installed

A key player in the development of wind energy projects

VSB is today a reference player with more than 400MW of authorizations obtained. Our expertise is based on values and experiences shared on a daily basis with elected representatives and administrations.

We pay particular attention to the detailed information exchanged around the projects, especially with local residents. We do this in order to ensure consensus with the community.

Through co-development, partnerships and participatory financing with local authorities and residents, we enable everyone to take ownership of these territorial projects.